Basketball Net

My Basketball Hoop

Salt Creek

Salt Creek

Today was a really nice day both in weather and in just getting out and relaxing. While I was waiting on my dryer to finish I realized I just didn’t feel like being indoors so I went outside and throw the basketball at the hoop. I was never big into basketball from a game standpoint but I do enjoy shooting hoops, I find it some what relaxing.

After that I ended up going out shopping and visiting with my parents. The weather was so nice that my mom and I decided to go for a walk and ended up going a bit over 3 miles on the Jamaica North trail from Old Cheney to Pioneers and back. The second picture is one of the many nice views right now on the trail.

Another accomplishment from the night was not only not finishing my meal when I was full but I also didn’t get anything at Dairy Queen when we stopped after dinner. I was still full from dinner and I just really didn’t want anything. I felt pretty in charge making that kind of decision.