For the first time ever I rode my bike to work. The ride in isn’t too bad and I’m learning how to ride with traffic. I rode part way on a bike path but then switched to the street before using the bike lane on 14th street down to campus. Why, everyone asks, is the bike lane in the middle of the street? They badly need to be repainted because it’s barely visible in spots though it doesn’t matter, traffic doesn’t pay attention to the distinction anyway – especially the buses apparently. I know it’s worse on 12th street so I have avoided that one so far. Coming home we rode down to Vine and picked up the Antelope Trail and took that back to J Street. The wind was awful coming home and it’s mostly uphill. It’s going to take quite a few rides before I’m not exhausted from that trip. I fully plan to ride tomorrow too.

Then tonight there was a get together at the Cup and I’m sad to admit I had never been there before. I simply love that place and I love how close it is to my house. I can zoom down there on my bike pretty easily so I need to go there again and try one of their veggie sandwiches or something. Everything looked really good – all fresh ingredient and such, just like I like.

I never really imagined a bike would make me go out and explore more but it’s really opened my eyes to seeing what’s available to me in my own neighborhood or nearby. It’s a wonderful way to get to know the town plus it’s nice to meet and hang out with other bike people. I even rode after dark for the first time and it seems like my lights work. Just ask Ross. 🙂