First, let’s get away with the incidental updates before moving on to new business:

  • Rode my bike to work today
  • Today was day two of the 100 push up challenge, I did 5 sets of wall push ups
  • I went to PT and had my foot worked on and padded up with meds. It’s healing, slowly.

Now on to the new stuff!

I have a new goal and hopefully my foot will play along and heal up already. There is a beginner’s running class in town, it starts on June 9th and I really want to do it. I would be aiming for a 2 mile run by the end of the course. It sounds awesome, costs $20 and you get a t-shirt. They meet weekly and have speakers and then do a workout and stretches. It sounds like the perfect way to get into running. I asked my PT today about it and she said it might be possible to be ready for it since we’d have a whole month.

Also, I have started on a new plan with the guidence of the wonderful Kate Brown at Daily They offer a service to elite members that allows them to email with a personal trainer and Kate has set me up with some things. I will be working to cut my carb intake down to 40% of my calories and increasing my protein. She has challenged me to go 2 weeks without my kashi bars, cereals and generally any processed sugar foods. I am up for the challenge, I have goals I really want to meet so it’s worth the work.

Secondly she had me join the Beginner Bodyweight plan on Daily Burn and I will be doing my best to follow that. It’s a 40 day plan that revolves around exercises that can be done simply with your own bodyweight. Added to that will be my continued biking to work as well as getting in a nice ride on the weekends. I can’t argue with that – I love riding my bike!