So it’s been a whole week since we last met and I almost didn’t want to do this update.

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 264.4
Weekly Change: + 1.76 lbs
Total Change: + 1.76 lbs
Averaged Weight for the Week: 263.22

Total Distance Traveled: 71.01 miles (biking and walking)
Total Cardio Time: 267.25 minutes

I’m never happy to see gains but this is within the 2 lbs threshold and my body fat % has stayed pretty steady. There’s no one single thing I can point to for this gain but I have been working out more and re-balancing my eating. I’ve also been on medication for my foot problem and that may have something to do with it.

My plan is to keep working on increasing my protein and decreasing carbs. I really need to get to the grocery store tonight and stock up on things so I have more choices in what I eat.