I wasn’t able to ride my bike in this morning because it was rainy and I don’t have fenders on my bike. I wasn’t really in the mode to ride on the weight pavement and get water up my back before getting to work so I just drove in. The problem with driving in, though, is that I have to walk about .5 mile from my car to work. This normally isn’t a problem except that I’m still trying to heal my plantar fasciitis. I made the walk and felt ok most of the morning but by afternoon I could tell something was wrong.

I did go out walk a little bit at work, nothing really high though, just around campus a little but at some point during the day I think the ligament tore again. By the time I had to walk back to my car it hurt as bad as it did after I got my cortisone shot. I was having problems putting any weight on my heel and thankfully, quite by accident, Terri pulled up in the lot next to the library and I got a ride to my car.

I ended up refilling my Vicodin prescription because that’s what the foot doctor had me on last time this happened. I think normally I would have had physical therapy today but the place was closed until Monday. Thankfully I’m going in on Monday morning but it could be a long weekend. I even get the fun of working on Sunday but hopefully we can get stuff done by noon.

I did end up going to ShopKo while waiting for my prescription to be filled. Picked up a neat neoprene water bottle wrap and a little bag thing that I think will work great on the bike. The bag should hook on nicely to the basket and will be really helpful for trail rides. It’ll also come in handy for hiking if I ever get into that again.