Bike at Holmes Lake

Stopping at Holmes Lake

After yesterdays issues I ended up sleeping in this morning and it was wonderful. I had always planned on going for longer rides on Saturdays and wasn’t sure I would make it this Saturday. I was feeling tired and generally not in a great mood. I decided that I might as well try for even a short ride and if it was too much I could always turn around and come home.

I ended up going down J Street and picking up Rock Island heading south, I followed that until it met up with Billy Wolff and decided to follow that path for awhile. I knew the path went out the Holmes Lake but I had never been able to make it that far walking. On a bike was a different story and after I got out on the rode I was feeling fine. Sometimes the only time I don’t have foot problems is on that bike so it was nice. I took the trail all the way out to Holmes Lake, did have to walk the bike up the backside of the dam once I got to the lake though, the foot was not happy about that. I stopped for a little bit and just enjoyed being near the lake, ate a quick snack of roasted edamame and then headed back for home.

Holmes Lake

View of Holmes Lake

I did end up riding up the hill on the front side of the dam without getting off my bike. A woman that was walking the trail told me “good job” because she said she’s done that hill before and it’s not easy. That felt really good, as did zooming back down the other side of the dam. It made for a lovely afternoon, that’s for sure.