For those that don’t know, this is bike to work week and seems to be part of a bike to work month. I was unable to make it to the city wide kick-off event last Friday but so far I’ve ridden my bike to work two days in a row. I just started riding in a couple weeks ago so the timing is nice. A year ago this wouldn’t have even been possible and not just because I didn’t have a good bike. A year ago I wasn’t anywhere near the shape I’m in now and hopefully a year from now will see even more changes.

I actually really enjoy the ride in to work – for some reason it makes the day go better to have that burst of speed and exercise before getting to work. The ride home is never as much fun but it’s still usually somewhat enjoyable. I take a little more time coming home and ride around on a side trail and past the zoo. My problems riding home, especially today, is that I’m tired and it’s mostly up hill. The best part about biking in though is that no matter what, if I want to get home, I really need to just keep peddling. That’s pretty good motivation for me.

So has anyone else been out biking to work?