One of the things I never really considered when I started my new healthy lifestyle was that I’d end up having piles of clothes that no longer fit – in a good way. So today marked the second time that I hauled everything out of the closet and dresser and divided it up between what fits and what doesn’t. All the clothes that don’t fit or won’t be worn again are piled into bags and donated at my local Goodwill. Below is a picture of today’s haul:

Bags of Donated Clothes

Another big change in clothing is that I no longer have to shop at specialty stores or order from catalogs. I can actually go into a store like Target or Walmart and not only find clothes that fit but also have choices. I once made the comment that the best part of all my weight loss is that I no longer have to shop at Catherine’s. There was only one woman there that was nice and overall shopping there was a horrible experience. Once you hit a certain size though, you are left with little options.

Yesterday I got a catalog in the mail from MiB Collection and when I looked at their sizing, I realized that I could only fit their smallest size and only about half the catalog even came in that size. My biggest rant about plus sized clothing is the cost once you hit a certain size, prices just skyrocket. I have some nice pants that costs me over $50 because my option were that limited. My clothing budget is breathing a sigh of relief now and so am I.