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Quick bike to work week update: I bike 4/5 days this week! The only day I didn’t bike was due to Thursday’s rain storms.

My bike has been nicknames Little Red Bike That Could and I love it. Today I took the bike to Monkey Wrench and had them do a complete tune-up as well as install some new fenders. Riding home was so awesome, it’s really like having a brand new bike! No longer am I the noisey, rattley, hard shifting bike on the bike paths. I can’t wait to take it out on the trails tomorrow morning for our Saturday ride. Check out these shiny fenders!

Little Red Bike

Finally we get to see a loss! I know that as long as I stick with this, eventually I’ll achieve what I want to achieve. There is no giving up on life and since this is a lifestyle change you can never go “off plan” or “off the wagon” or etc. So here’s the stats:

weight chart

Today’s Weight: 267.0 lbs
Weekly Change: – 1.1 lbs
Total Change: + 4.36 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 80.44 miles
Total Cardio Time: 344.2 minutes

For those that don’t know, this is bike to work week and seems to be part of a bike to work month. I was unable to make it to the city wide kick-off event last Friday but so far I’ve ridden my bike to work two days in a row. I just started riding in a couple weeks ago so the timing is nice. A year ago this wouldn’t have even been possible and not just because I didn’t have a good bike. A year ago I wasn’t anywhere near the shape I’m in now and hopefully a year from now will see even more changes.

I actually really enjoy the ride in to work – for some reason it makes the day go better to have that burst of speed and exercise before getting to work. The ride home is never as much fun but it’s still usually somewhat enjoyable. I take a little more time coming home and ride around on a side trail and past the zoo. My problems riding home, especially today, is that I’m tired and it’s mostly up hill. The best part about biking in though is that no matter what, if I want to get home, I really need to just keep peddling. That’s pretty good motivation for me.

So has anyone else been out biking to work?

Rode to the Trailhead at 84th Street

Walton, Ne

Rode to Walton, Ne

Crossed some bridges, saw some water...

Rode to this bridge and decided it was time to head back home

Stopped at Juice Stop on the way home for a 12oz Grand Slam

Well “The Little Red Bike That Could” and I went out for a ride tonight. Headed north down Rock Island, met up with Ross and rode out to Jamaica North and back home again. After parting ways with Ross, I stopped at Wagner’s on my way home. I love running little side errands with my bike, makes me feel cool or something.

Bikes on a trail

On the Jamaica North Trail

This morning I went to PT and at the same time I picked up my medical records from my current foot doctor in order to shop around for a second opinion. I went and saw the same doctor that did surgery on my knee to see what he might suggest and while it’s not an area he does surgery in he did say given everything that’s gone on that foot surgery may be the only route left to try. I am going to be seeing another foot doctor on the 24th and then I suppose I have to make a decision. I’m more worried about this surgery than I was about the knee but it’s really not getting better.

The doctor today said that normally they tell people with plantar fasciitis to “stretch, stretch, stretch” and the problem generally lies in not stretching enough. I have heard this one before so I do stretch a lot – I stretch in the morning, before bed and a few times during the day at work or before/after I go for a ride.  He said that my flexibility was really good so I may have reach the limit of the benefits of stretching. He also commented that my heel spur was pretty impressive and that they don’t normal see one of that size in someone my age. He said that people come in talking about having this “big” heel spurs and normally they aren’t much but in my case it really is a huge spur. I believe he also said it was “angry” and really swollen.

I did get new shoes today, Brooks Ariels, to replace my old pair of Ariels. So far they have been pretty nice but I’m not sure they’ll be a miracle cure to my problems. One of them already has a scuff/oil mark from the bike though so that’s a little sad.

Some good news though, he went ahead and “released” me as far as my knee is concerned and I don’t need to go back. The knee is doing really well and I’m quite happy I went ahead with the surgery. Now I have to decide if the foot surgery is going to be worth it.

Yep – gained again but I know why, I stopped paying attention to what I was doing. Yesterday, without power, I ended up eating out for meals and making poor choices. Also, we had a nice food day at work and I couldn’t resist all the yummy treats. I’ll consider yesterday an off day and go on from there.

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 268.1 lbs
Weekly Change: +3.7 lbs
Total Change: + 5.46 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 46.02 miles
Total Cardio Time: 186.83 minutes

Not much to note on today but I thought I’d share a couple pictures. I rode the bike to work and then stopped on the way home to vote. Today was the big “yes/no” vote on the arena and I’ll be interested to see what the voter turnout ends up being. Lots of people voting at my polling place.

A bit later I ran out to get groceries so I can make Sunshine Lemon Coolers for work tomorrow. Sometimes when I get stressed it just feels good to bake. Plus, I have an excuse to try this recipe and not eat them since they will go off to work and be eaten by the others.

Bike Goes Voting

Bike the Vote!

Bike at the Grocery Store

Getting Groceries at Wagner's Food Pride

When I first started on my fitness via walking journey I didn’t pay much attention at all to the clothing I wore, including socks and shoes. A lot has changed in the last year and from this point on I’ve decided life is too short for cheap socks.

I used to only buy one type of sock, the big, cheap, bag full of crew socks from a discount store. The more of the same type of sock I had, the better I felt because I never had to worry about sorting them. Around June of 2009 I went in for a physical and talked to my GP about my walking and said that my feet seemed to be sore a lot and such. He is a runner and suggested that I try out some nice socks with wicking, such as ones made by Nike. I went out and bought some store brand versions of said socks and never went back.

My biggest problem was an inability to find the wicking type socks in a crew, which is still my preferred sock. I just wasn’t getting used to wearing the shorter socks even if they did feel better on my feet. Then one day, at Target, I found crew length, women’s performance socks that met all my needs. I ended up buying 12 pairs, I believe, and they worked out great. They were a little more expensive than I had been buying but they were still cheap socks.

Then came the “winter of the walking boot” and I realized I didn’t have any socks that could keep my poor broken foot warm. That’s when I ended up wandering into Footloose and Fancy and buying my first pair of striped Smartwool socks. I absolutely love these socks and can’t wait to get more. Then recently I was poking around Moose’s Tooth and saw they had a rack of sale socks and I fell in love with a blue pair of Keen sox. I later went back and bought the matching maroon pair and they are now my favorite socks.

The Keen socks are great, lots of cushioning in the right places as well as a minor amount of arch support. These socks are also right and left foot specific but thankfully they are marked and I generally get them on the correct foot though not often on the first try.

Now that I’ve been wearing these nicer socks I’m finding it impossible to go back to cheap socks. They really do make a world of difference for my feet so now I have to just budget more money into socks.

Bike at Holmes Lake

Stopping at Holmes Lake

After yesterdays issues I ended up sleeping in this morning and it was wonderful. I had always planned on going for longer rides on Saturdays and wasn’t sure I would make it this Saturday. I was feeling tired and generally not in a great mood. I decided that I might as well try for even a short ride and if it was too much I could always turn around and come home.

I ended up going down J Street and picking up Rock Island heading south, I followed that until it met up with Billy Wolff and decided to follow that path for awhile. I knew the path went out the Holmes Lake but I had never been able to make it that far walking. On a bike was a different story and after I got out on the rode I was feeling fine. Sometimes the only time I don’t have foot problems is on that bike so it was nice. I took the trail all the way out to Holmes Lake, did have to walk the bike up the backside of the dam once I got to the lake though, the foot was not happy about that. I stopped for a little bit and just enjoyed being near the lake, ate a quick snack of roasted edamame and then headed back for home.

Holmes Lake

View of Holmes Lake

I did end up riding up the hill on the front side of the dam without getting off my bike. A woman that was walking the trail told me “good job” because she said she’s done that hill before and it’s not easy. That felt really good, as did zooming back down the other side of the dam. It made for a lovely afternoon, that’s for sure.

Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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