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Just a quick wrap up from my surgery today. I am posting from my hospital bed while a little drugged up so keep that in mind.

I got up this morning at 3:30AM and checked in at the hospital at 5:00AM.

It took four tries to finally get my IV in which wasn’t fun. Then at 6:15ish I was moved to the pre-op area where they did a nerve block and other various prep things. The nerve block was a bit painful but I lived. They did sedate me ahead of time so that helped.

Then I was wheeled into the OR and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. Then they let me know the big change, the doctor decided I needed to stay overnight. The nurse guessed it was for pain management but I still don’t know for sure what made him decide that.

So I am an overnight guest of the hospital tonight and am on a liquid foods diet which I pretty much have not eaten. I’ve had apple juice, two club crackers, little cup of vanilla ice cream and a little cup of orange sherbet.

They have me taking vicodin and morphine and I have yet to get much in the way of sleep. It’s really too noisy here.

Sounds like I’ll probably go home tomorrow after the doctor sees me and has his say. The splint on my foot is huge too and I learned I prefer the crutches to the walker.

I like this cover version of this song, but the original is good too.

One of the things I had been planning to do not long after I bought my bike was to ride in this year’s Trail Trek. I kept adding distances to my long rides in order to prepare because Ross had talked me into doing the 25 mile course vs. the 10 mile one. I’m happy that we went that route in the end because I don’t think the 10 would have been very challenging and the whole point was to see how far I could push myself. We had two other teammates, Kirk and Brock.

We all agreed to meet on the UNL campus near the Union at 8:30 and then bike over to Oak Lake as a team. Kirk and I both rode our bikes in from our respective homes while Ross and Brock drove down and parked. It was a nice little ride out the Oak Lake and there were a ton of people there. At the end they said they had over 900 registered riders this year.

We waited around at the lake until the start time of 9:00 AM, they were making various announcements but it was basically impossible to hear what he was saying from where we were standing. We also ended up starting near the back of the mass of bikers and it took a bit of time to get through the first intersection and actually out onto the trail. Part way in we took a detour and passed a large group of them in order to get going faster.

It was nice to get out and ride on some of the trails I hadn’t had a chance to get to yet. We basically did a loop of west Lincoln, heading way out south to almost Yankee Hill Road and then back into town, up to East Campus and then back to Oak Lake.

The weather was great for this time of year. It was overcast and generally the wind wasn’t too bad, just in spots it would become a little more difficult to ride. My one big mistake was forgetting to put on sunscreen before leaving the house but I was also fooled by the overcast skies. Regardless of the clouds, I still got a nice sunburn on my arms. It was a little bit humid though near the end of the ride.

In totally, counting my commute time, I went 34.5 miles today on my bike. This brings my grand total up to 400 miles since I bought it. I’m really proud of not only setting a goal but achieving it. Feels great to know that with a bit of effort, anything is possible!

When we got back to Oak Lake, there was food and beverages, which was nice. I tried a sparking orange juicy juice that wasn’t too bad but not something I would probably have gone for if I wasn’t so worn out from riding. They also had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, some kind of bbq sandwiches, chips and cookies. Along the route, there were watering stations setup that had fruit and one stand had bagels. I ended up grabbing a banana mid-ride and then for lunch I ended up going with PBJ and a cookie. It felt good to eat and to stop peddling for awhile.

Also during the ride they had a scavenger hunt competition where you had to find landmarks and stamp a card. We decided to do this because it added a little fun to the journey but we ended up missing one of the landmarks and were unable to win because other teams had found them all. They did drawings for new Trek bikes but no one on our team won one.

I’m just really happy to end my biking, for the time being, on such a high note. I love that feeling I get after I know I’ve done a good workout, it’s probably the one thing I miss about not going to the gym. I used to love that post gym drive home because I was a mix of tired and happy. It’s a wonderful feeling.

After taking most of the week off riding in order to let my knee rest, I decided I’d better get out and ride some this morning before tomorrow’s big ride. At first I was just going to do a loop around Rock Island and come home. As I started biking down my street, I changed my mind, and went out to Oak Lake Park where tomorrow’s Trail Trek ride was starting from. I left pretty early this morning because I wanted to get ahead of the heat advisory this afternoon. The ride down wasn’t too bad, it’s about 4 miles and just goes a bit further than my normal ride to work.

Oak Lake Park

Oak Lake

While riding around the lake I started realizing that I was an hour early for picking up my trail packets. I had kind of figured I would ride to the lake, ride home and then drive back later to get my packet, because of the heat. Well then I remembered the Farmer’s Market was open so I decided to bike back there to waste some time and then go back out to the lake. I’m glad I went because I got some honey and a smoothie because by then it was getting pretty hot.

Bikes Parked at Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

I was getting pretty hot and decided to take my smoothie and stand in the shade near the railroad tracks. Luckily there was a nice breeze going through there and that felt pretty good. I love looking at the old train platform.

Train Platform

Looking up at Platform

After I had spent enough time at the Farmer’s Market, I rode back out to Oak Lake and then on home using the Antelope Valley trail. Over near the trail is a coffee shop called Destinations that you wouldn’t even know about if you weren’t out wandering around.


View from Antelope Valley Trail

Turtle in Union Plaza

Once I was nearing the end of my ride, I realized I could finally stop at Sips and Subs and get lunch. They never seem to be open when I go by there so I was happy. They also have air conditioning, which was nice.

Sips and Subs

In the end, I rode a little over 14 miles and everything seems fine. I iced my knee when I got home but haven’t noticed any extra pains or anything. Mostly I’m just a little more tired than normal because of the heat. I am so ready for that 25 mile ride tomorrow!

Well I finally made it to the end of week 4 but I almost didn’t get in the last set. I’m proud of myself for making it this far and I’m a little sad to take a break, but it’s ok, when I’m ready I’ll get back on it. I still plan to do one last exhaustion test on Monday to see how much I’ve gained. When I started this, I could only do 2 push-ups and now I can do nearly 20 at once.

Here’s the chart! (I love charts, graphs, stats, etc.. )

Push Up Chart

On the grander scale, this one was pretty minor, but I felt like blogging about it anyway. So I was working on making my lunch for tomorrow and thought “wow, this is the last time I’m going to do this for awhile,” and at first I was happy about that. Frankly, sometimes packing a lunch every night gets a little time consuming and I do enjoy the break from it. Then I started thinking about why I wouldn’t being packing my lunch.

That’s when I had “the freak out” about the surgery. I knew it was coming, I know myself well enough to expect it, I just didn’t know when. I basically was ready to call the whole thing off. Pretty much felt like I no longer wanted to do the surgery, just wanted things to stay as they are and not deal with it.

I know this won’t help, I’ve run out of options and surgery should do me some good. It helped that right after my little freak out that my leg/foot started hurting. The surgery is coming, on the 29th, and I just have to do what I can between now and then to get ready. I just need to do it, get it over with, and start the recovery process.

Plus, I still have Trail Trek to look forward to on Sunday!

(Standard disclaimer: I’ve only been doing weekly weigh ins since I started the blog, about 8 weeks ago. I’ve been rocking this new lifestyle change since April of 2009.)

This was a good week for most purposes even if I was somewhat moody for a lot of it. I’m just really busy right now between work and all the preparations for surgery. Most of that is behind me now so I can just focus on a few things and let the rest just happen.

I was going to do an abs workout on Daily Burn but it was a bit more than I was looking for so I’m doing the Beginner Bodyweight one again until I have to take my post surgery break. I’m thinking about building my own little routine soon and following that.

So it’s numbers time! This week saw a loss of 3.4 lbs. Woo!

Week 8 Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 248.1
Weekly Change: – 3.4 lbs
Total Change: – 14.7 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 69.64 miles
Total Cardio Time: 254.47 minutes
Total Weight Lifted: 3780 lbs

So I am now below the 250 mark, which is still amazing to me. For the longest time I would think of 250 as this ultimate goal. This far off place where I knew I was going to make it. I always figured if I could get to 250 then I could do anything. Originally I had planned to wait until 250 to start biking but I’m so glad I decided not to wait. Nothing magical happened when I hit 250 though, but in my mind, it was one huge milestone.

I had my pre-op physical/yearly check up today (they decided to do both at the same time) and the good news is – I’m alive! 😀 Actually, everything checked out normal and the doctor said he was really impressed by my weight loss and with my determination to keep going despite my injuries, etc.

From checking the medical records since I started going there, I’m officially down 136 lbs from my highest weight recorded there. He was a little concerned about my knee because I would be so dependent on it post surgery. His suggestion was to rest it and if it’s not getting better, to call the suregon’s office and let them know what’s going on. It doesn’t seem too bad most of the time but if I’m up and around too much, I can feel it.

Since I have all the former physical therapy stuff from my other knee, I’m going to try doing some of that for this knee and see if it helps. I also need to get a lot better about icing it since I can’t take any anti-inflammatory medications.

I knew that once my pre-op physical was over that this whole thing would sink in – the whole idea that the surgery is happening and happening soon. After I got home from the doctor’s office, I ended up just laying on my bed for a little bit and decompressed. I’m pretty much as ready as I can be for the surgery, not counting the knee problem.

My doctor and I talked about what all had been tried and how surgery really is the next best option. It’s not like we didn’t try the conventional methods so it’s just time to get it over with. I’m at the point where I’m just ready to get it done and move on. I know the recovery plan won’t be easy or fun but I’m more focused on the long run now anyway.

The one thing I’m starting to do now is to really watch my nutrition because once I’m post-surgery, activity is going to be a lot harder. Less activity means less calorie burning which means I’m more likely to gain weight if I’m not careful. I refuse to give up what I’ve worked for simply because I need some recovery time. I just have to focus on my healthy eating skills and stay with that.

So this post starts the count down to surgery – 6 more days!

Yes, I once again attempted to injure myself. It’s borderline funny but really it’s not funny. I had banged my right knee into a table a couple weeks ago (something I seem to have become very good at lately) and it had been sore since. Last night on my ride I was going up an incline and something went wrong, it either hyperextended or something but it was a pretty painful ride the last 4 miles home. For those keeping record, this was/is my good knee – not the one I had surgery on.

I was debating what I should do this morning when my doctor’s office called to reminded me of my pre-op appointment tomorrow and to ask if I wanted to go ahead and do my yearly physical at the same time. I agreed to that and then asked about the knee and they suggested going in to see the PA this afternoon.

I decided I should probably get it checked out because I do have a 25+ mile bike ride on Sunday that I really want to do and the whole, surgery/crutched deal coming up. So I went in, she examined the knee and took x-rays. Thankfully the x-rays came back normal and she said it appear to be a sprain. I’m just supposed to take a little time of biking, hoping that by Saturday I can get a short ride in and be ready for Sunday. I’m currently also rocking a very uncomfortable knee brace.

I am a little excited about getting my yearly physical tomorrow because I know so much has changed. I haven’t seen my doctor in awhile either so I’m interested to hear what he has to say about the changes. I have to go in twice though – once at 8 AM for a fasting blood draw and then again at 2:45 for the actual appointment. I wasn’t in the mood to fast until 2:45.

I just have to keep on moving along and for now really focus on doing upper body work – you know, so I can take out my elbow or something.

I’m not really sure why, but most of the day I’ve just felt a little off. I can’t really pinpoint an exact cause and I’ve been trying to sort it out all day. I’m thinking it’s just a bunch of little things that kind of add up over time. This is all I can think of:

  • Rain, rain, and more rain: I haven’t been able to ride my bike for two days thanks to the weather
  • Surgery: the hospital called this morning to start my registration for surgery next week – this is getting real
  • Tired: Overall, I’m just tired. I went to bed a little too late last night and could have used with a little more sleep.
  • Work: I’m trying to get a lot of things done before I’m on leave after my surgery. I have one major project left for tomorrow and then it’s clean up work and documenting everything for my supervisor/coworker.
  • Foot: It’s really been hurting the last couple days and there’s not much I can do for it now but wait. I’ve pretty much opted out of medications for the time being because nothing really helps anyway and why deal with the side effects?
  • Doctor Visit: I have to go in for my pre-op physical on Wednesday and for some reason that’s bringing me down a little too. I know that I’ve lost weight and it’s all good but this weird thing nags in my mind – it’s not enough, it should be more. I have no idea where that’s coming from.

I was hoping that coming here and writing this out would help – and it has a little. I think getting out and riding this evening and then getting a good night’s sleep will help the most.

Anyone else just get in a blah mood and not know why?

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