With the heat of summer coming I decided it was finally time that I bought a blender so I could make my own healthy smoothies at home. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I don’t need a large blender so I finally decided on the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender.

What I love about this blender is that not only does it make a single serving smoothie, it makes it directly in a travel cup so that’s one less dish I have to wash. Since I don’t have a dishwasher, anything that saves me a little time is great. Inside the box was the blender and instructions. The only lid included is the travel lid shown below, I didn’t have any issues with it leaking – yet.

The blender actually arrived three days earlier than I had originally thought it would so I had to run out to the store and buy some groceries so I could use it right away. I assembled the ingredients: slightly frozen banana chunks, unsweetened chocolate almond milk, nonfat plain yogurt and whey protein concentrate. I was going for a post workout protein smoothie with the first one.

I measured out all the ingredients and added ice to the top. I wasn’t sure how well the blender would handle ice because it didn’t look like the strongest of blades.

The travel cup locks into the base and you only have one speed option – pulse. You have to hold down the button if you want it to blend and it did get a slight warm motor smell but overall the first smoothie mixed up well and quickly. It was pretty filling too, which was nice. I would give this first smoothie a thumbs up and since the blender was under $20, I consider it a good deal.

Since last night, I have made two additional smoothies and the one I made this morning did not go as well. I think the problem was using frozen strawberries that got caught up in the blades. I had to stop and stir quite a few times in order to get it all blended. It seems to handle ice fine though so when I made a third smoothie tonight, it was just a banana, almond milk and ice. Now I just need to search around for some great smoothie recipes.

Additional note (6-4-10): The actual blender blade stays with the travel cup and the connection at the bottom is open. It would have been nice to have a cap to cover the bottom.