I love heading out on my bike on Saturday mornings and I had asked Ross if he wanted to go riding with me. He agreed and we started out meeting on the Rock Island Trail and then heading to Joyride Bikes. I finally bought the new grips for my bike and so far I’m loving them. I went with the Specialized Women’s BG Contour Locking Grip in black/grey.

From Joyride we rode down 14th street to Pine Lake and had a nice lunch at Noodles & Company.

Noodles and Company

The weather this morning was warm but worse, quite humid. Had to freshen up a bit in the bathroom before ordering lunch. From Noodles we headed over to Scheels because I wanted to look at a pull over rain suit but I didn’t end up buying one. Our Scheels has a giant tree in the middle and I love just looking around.

Scheels - Lincoln, NE

We ended up wandering into the tennis section and I’ve always wanted to start playing. We joked about getting rackets and going back and hitting the ball around at Ross’s apartment complex. Impulse overtook us and we both bought cheap rackets and Ross bought a sleeve of practice balls. Only one problem, oh yea, we were on our bikes.

Rackets and Bikes

We were finally able to get them chained to my basket though part way down the trail they shifted and I almost wiped out. I was able to twist them around so the hung from the basket but didn’t get in the way. We didn’t really play tennis for too long because it was hot and we both got tired. I probably shouldn’t be playing tennis anyway since there’s no way that’s good for my foot, but I’m tired of worrying about that. It’s going to hurt either way so why not just enjoy things for now.

Tennis Court

Today, so far, has been awesome. After I came home, showered, and grabbed a quick nap, I went out and feed Scott and Julie’s cats and in a little bit I’m heading to Sheri and Tony’s house to hang out for the night. Should be great fun!

Also – today I finally broke the 260 barrier weight wise. I have been stuck on that point since late February so it was great to see it go below. I was quite happy.