I have developed this habit of thinking about myself as two separate people – New Me and Old Me.

Old Me is the one that didn’t care about her health, never went out to socialize, hated walking the 0.5 miles from the car to work, was depressed, and did nothing but sit around and eat.

Old Me has quite the powerful presence still in my life having lead it for so many years up until this point. New Me is still trying to sort this all out and I’m just now noticing that New Me seems to have the upper hand. Decisions coming from New Me now trump those being pushed by Old Me. Take tonight for instance, Old Me really wanted to just keep eating even though I was done with dinner. Old Me wanted to open the new peanut butter jar and just go for it. New Me stepped in and said “what is it that you really want?” forcing me to stop and think. All I wanted was a little something sweet and I didn’t want to go crazy and spark a possible binge. So New Me said – “what about an apricot?” That was the perfect decision.

I would much rather live the rest of my life as New Me even when things get tough and I have to make decisions that Old Me can’t handle.

Here’s what New Me can do:

  • Turn down free food
  • Go to bed hungry
  • Stop eating when I’m full
  • Throw food away
  • Ride my bike for 15-20 miles in one day
  • Go for walks (generally speaking, foot issues aside)
  • Take more than one flight of stairs (this one I forget for some reason though)
  • Workout with weights
  • Do push ups
  • Hang out with friends all the time
  • Buy clothing at a normal store
  • Be happy
  • Try lots of new things
  • Never give up

So hello world, New Angela is here to stay!

Tell me, how have you changed? What’s the best thing ever?