The last couple of weeks I have been trying to find some good, quick, workouts I can do in the morning before going to work. I’m looking for ones that don’t require much, if any, equipment and that can be done in 30 minutes or less. So both Monday morning and this morning I worked through the Dr. Oz’s 20 Minute Workout.

First off, that 20 minute part may be true once you have the workout memorized but when you add in switching the slides and reading, it was closer to 30-45 minutes. Monday I wasn’t even able to finish the workout because I ran out of time. The presentation on the website is a little annoying because it requires a lot of stopping and clicking to get to the next exercise. I saw one work around was to do screenshots but I think with time, I could probably remember the moves if I just had the name written down.

So this workout is a mix of bodyweight moves and stretches. It’s a full body workout and I would rank it on the beginner side of the scale. This one goes for high rep count, many of them are set at 40 reps per move, and mixes stretching in after certain body moves. It starts by working the upper body, then core and finally ends with some lower body work.

So far it’s been a nice way to start the morning and it’s not too demanding as long as you are careful. I know for me that one of the moves, Crane Pose, was really hard and I couldn’t do all the reps requested. I simply lost the balance necessary to keep going. I know with time I’ll get better at it so I can see keeping this workout as part of my routine.

So if you are looking for something simple to try or something new to do – check this one out. My favorite part is that it’s all bodyweight based so you don’t need anything but time to complete it. The downside is the presentation on the website and what seems, to me, to be a pretty high rep count. If you are just starting out, don’t be discourage if you can’t do that many – do as many as you can and it will get easier with time!