I now consider myself at the halfway point for my journey, at least mentally. This has caused me to really reflect a lot about how far I’ve come but also how far I have left to travel. I think it’s just common to think about ways to stay motivated, to keep pushing it, to reach for the final destination – whenever that happens.

I made the decision early on to not tie my healthy lifestyle to a specific weight goal within a specific time period. About the closest thing I have is hoping I’ll be close to a maintenance weight by the time I get my next driver’s license, which is in August of 2011. Once you add a timeline for weight loss you lose some control. You set yourself up for a possible fail and what do you do if you don’t make it? You could just give up. So why give yourself that kind of pressure? Slow and steady wins this battle.

If nothing else sinks in with you, just remember this, it’s a lifestyle change – not a diet, not a one time fix, but a lifestyle fix. This is how I am living my life. Eat healthy foods, get plenty of exercise, make friends, be social and enjoy yourself! Find a few things you love to do and do them whenever you can!

I’m only at a halfway point so I still have a lot of learning to do but I think I have some advice built up to share too and I’m going to try my best to post both sides on this blog.

Handy Tips for a Healthier You

  • Learn to forgive yourself
  • Know what is in the foods you are eating
  • Eat real food
  • Go for a walk
  • Eat less, move more
  • Write in a journal
  • Be accountable for your life
  • Don’t go it alone – get your friends involved or make new ones!