I think about food a lot. I have the normal thoughts everyone has, “what’s for dinner?” “what should I take for lunch?” “if we eat out, where should we go?” and so on. I’m ok with these thoughts, it’s the other times that bother me and I want to change. I want to work on not obsessing about food any more. I have said all along that I am “breaking up” with food and it’s time to make yet another step in this plan. My new goal is to no longer let thoughts about food linger. The thoughts I’m talking about are little things like imagining what I’d eat if I did go to the donut shop, or remembering some really nice treat I had once. I think about when I’m going to eat next, how long until I can eat again, etc. This has nothing to do with hungry and I don’t think it can be healthy.

I need a plan though so this is definitely a work in progress. The best way to stop is to make sure I’m too busy to care. I need to find more things to do – read more, use the treadmill, watch a DVD, go for a ride, read some blogs, write in my blog, listen to the radio, etc. When the thoughts I want to stop having start I need to just say “hey, self, this is one of those things you wanted to change” and then move on to something else.

The challenge starts now – I’m ready!