I’ve taken a few days off of riding for various real reasons that I’m not going in to here. I think it’ll be good to get a little rest and do some cross training on the treadmill and with my new core training program. Last night I did get out on the bike because my friend Stacy bought a new bike and we went for a ride around the neighborhood.

Two Bikes

My Schwinn Mesa Runner and Stacy's Specialized Expedition

I start my new core program tonight, I found it on Daily Burn – it’s actually called 6-Pack Abs and it’s a 60 day program. Since my surgery is in two weeks, I know I’ll have to put it on hold for a little bit but I plan on sticking with it until then. I really want to get in some good core work before I’m resigned to the crutches for two weeks post surgery. I’m hoping once I transition into the walking cast/boot that I should be able to start up again as long as I watch the pressure on my foot.

I also need to get my bike training ramped back up in the next couple days because my 25 mile trail ride is coming up on the 27th – I’m so excited!