I am again pleased, overall, with how this week went. I’m working on making more changes in my thinking and trying to really move into the mindset that this is who I am now. I am the person that eats healthy foods, that gets exercise, that rides a bike to work, and that does the things I always though I’d never be able to do.

Stats time! Another week – another loss: 2.1 lbs, woo!

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 251.5 lbs
Weekly Change: – 2.1 lbs
Total Change: – 11.3 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 53.5 miles
Total Cardio Time: 149.45 minutes
Total Weight Lifted: 5580 lbs

I didn’t get in any big bike rides this week but I needed to take a few rest days and I’ve been busy with other things so it’s harder to find the time. I’m trying to get everything ready for post surgery, hanging out with friends more, going to more events and working more hours lately.

Speaking of work, I’ve been really getting some calorie burn in at work recently too. I’m working on installing and upgrading computers and it involves moving computers, hauling computers, crawling under desks and general other manual labor type tasks. I have found that this year, unlike the last 6, I’m not worn out by the end of the day. I don’t think twice about crawling under a desk or fitting between desks, etc. That’s been pretty nice so far, makes all this hard work actually seem worth it.