I rode my bike in to work yesterday and Ross decided to ride down and meet me after work so we could go get food and ride around. Pafford was >supposed< to join us for a little bit but chose not to in the end. It was really hot by the time I got off work, the heat index was pushing 100 degrees. I’ve noticed lately that I have a lot more tolerance for heat though, so I wasn’t really noticing it.

Ross had to ride down from across town and by the time he got to my work, he looked pretty worn out. We were going to bike out to east campus to get dinner but ended up at Noodles and Company downtown, which was fine with me.

After we ate, we went to try and see if the band was still playing in Union Plaza Park but they had packed up by the time we got there. We then hit the Antelope Valley Trail to Rock Island and started heading south again. It was about this point when I noticed that Ross wasn’t really keeping up and kind of looked like he was going to die. Eventually I agreed to stop so he could, you know, not die. We stopped at Bishop Heights Park for a little break in the riding.

Bishop Heights Park

From there we rode down Rock Island to Hwy 2 where Ross took the off ramp and headed towards home. Since I was feeling up to it and because I hadn’t ridden in awhile, I decided to keep going south on Rock Island. I was going to turn around at Old Cheney Road but I was nearly to the end of the trail anyway, so I kept going to Densmore Park.

On the way back I noticed that storm clouds were starting to form. We were in a severe thunderstorm watch and I knew storms were possible so I decided it was probably time to book it home. I made it in plenty of time before the storms hit but this was one of the views I had during my ride.

Storm Cloud

I ended up going about 14.3 miles on this ride and it felt great. I did, however, come home and fall asleep for a bit when I really should have gone to the store. I ended up making a run to the grocery store at almost 10PM, had to because I needed fruit for my lunch. (I bought cherries, woo!)