I just finished watching Spirit of the Marathon via Netflix Streaming and it’s a great movie and I highly recommend it even if you aren’t interested in running. It’s also available on Hulu for streaming.

This movie is more than just about marathons and marathon runners, at its core it’s about setting lofty goals and working really hard to achieve them and realizing that, with hard work, anything is possible.

They follow around a select group of runners at different levels, from beginners to pros, as they prepare to run the Chicago Marathon. It was nice to see the various levels and see the training schedules and commit that these runners have made. I really felt for the poor guy that got injured though, I know how that feels. I wanted to at least walk the Lincoln Half-Marathon this year but broke my foot instead. These things happen and in a way, I’m thankful that my injuries have come early on because I’ve learned how to deal with them and move on with life.

Overall I found the movie to be quite inspiring and I hope, someday, that I’ll be one of those crazy people out there running a marathon. For now, I have my eye on just getting to the point where I can start. I need to get my body repaired and recovered so I can do this. I would love to run a 5k before the end of the year – this was my one New Year’s resolution and I’m not giving up on that goal.

The movie really hit another spot for me too. This whole life change and weight loss journey feels a lot like a double or triple marathon. It’s a long way to go and you start to wonder – am I going to make? Can I do this? So you hit walls, you get hung up on plateaus, your body objects, all the things that can happen in a marathon. It’s about endurance, it’s about going the distance and staying on course. Slow down when you need to but never, never give up.