I’m not really sure why, but most of the day I’ve just felt a little off. I can’t really pinpoint an exact cause and I’ve been trying to sort it out all day. I’m thinking it’s just a bunch of little things that kind of add up over time. This is all I can think of:

  • Rain, rain, and more rain: I haven’t been able to ride my bike for two days thanks to the weather
  • Surgery: the hospital called this morning to start my registration for surgery next week – this is getting real
  • Tired: Overall, I’m just tired. I went to bed a little too late last night and could have used with a little more sleep.
  • Work: I’m trying to get a lot of things done before I’m on leave after my surgery. I have one major project left for tomorrow and then it’s clean up work and documenting everything for my supervisor/coworker.
  • Foot: It’s really been hurting the last couple days and there’s not much I can do for it now but wait. I’ve pretty much opted out of medications for the time being because nothing really helps anyway and why deal with the side effects?
  • Doctor Visit: I have to go in for my pre-op physical on Wednesday and for some reason that’s bringing me down a little too. I know that I’ve lost weight and it’s all good but this weird thing nags in my mind – it’s not enough, it should be more. I have no idea where that’s coming from.

I was hoping that coming here and writing this out would help – and it has a little. I think getting out and riding this evening and then getting a good night’s sleep will help the most.

Anyone else just get in a blah mood and not know why?