Yes, I once again attempted to injure myself. It’s borderline funny but really it’s not funny. I had banged my right knee into a table a couple weeks ago (something I seem to have become very good at lately) and it had been sore since. Last night on my ride I was going up an incline and something went wrong, it either hyperextended or something but it was a pretty painful ride the last 4 miles home. For those keeping record, this was/is my good knee – not the one I had surgery on.

I was debating what I should do this morning when my doctor’s office called to reminded me of my pre-op appointment tomorrow and to ask if I wanted to go ahead and do my yearly physical at the same time. I agreed to that and then asked about the knee and they suggested going in to see the PA this afternoon.

I decided I should probably get it checked out because I do have a 25+ mile bike ride on Sunday that I really want to do and the whole, surgery/crutched deal coming up. So I went in, she examined the knee and took x-rays. Thankfully the x-rays came back normal and she said it appear to be a sprain. I’m just supposed to take a little time of biking, hoping that by Saturday I can get a short ride in and be ready for Sunday. I’m currently also rocking a very uncomfortable knee brace.

I am a little excited about getting my yearly physical tomorrow because I know so much has changed. I haven’t seen my doctor in awhile either so I’m interested to hear what he has to say about the changes. I have to go in twice though – once at 8 AM for a fasting blood draw and then again at 2:45 for the actual appointment. I wasn’t in the mood to fast until 2:45.

I just have to keep on moving along and for now really focus on doing upper body work – you know, so I can take out my elbow or something.