I had my pre-op physical/yearly check up today (they decided to do both at the same time) and the good news is – I’m alive! 😀 Actually, everything checked out normal and the doctor said he was really impressed by my weight loss and with my determination to keep going despite my injuries, etc.

From checking the medical records since I started going there, I’m officially down 136 lbs from my highest weight recorded there. He was a little concerned about my knee because I would be so dependent on it post surgery. His suggestion was to rest it and if it’s not getting better, to call the suregon’s office and let them know what’s going on. It doesn’t seem too bad most of the time but if I’m up and around too much, I can feel it.

Since I have all the former physical therapy stuff from my other knee, I’m going to try doing some of that for this knee and see if it helps. I also need to get a lot better about icing it since I can’t take any anti-inflammatory medications.

I knew that once my pre-op physical was over that this whole thing would sink in – the whole idea that the surgery is happening and happening soon. After I got home from the doctor’s office, I ended up just laying on my bed for a little bit and decompressed. I’m pretty much as ready as I can be for the surgery, not counting the knee problem.

My doctor and I talked about what all had been tried and how surgery really is the next best option. It’s not like we didn’t try the conventional methods so it’s just time to get it over with. I’m at the point where I’m just ready to get it done and move on. I know the recovery plan won’t be easy or fun but I’m more focused on the long run now anyway.

The one thing I’m starting to do now is to really watch my nutrition because once I’m post-surgery, activity is going to be a lot harder. Less activity means less calorie burning which means I’m more likely to gain weight if I’m not careful. I refuse to give up what I’ve worked for simply because I need some recovery time. I just have to focus on my healthy eating skills and stay with that.

So this post starts the count down to surgery – 6 more days!