On the grander scale, this one was pretty minor, but I felt like blogging about it anyway. So I was working on making my lunch for tomorrow and thought “wow, this is the last time I’m going to do this for awhile,” and at first I was happy about that. Frankly, sometimes packing a lunch every night gets a little time consuming and I do enjoy the break from it. Then I started thinking about why I wouldn’t being packing my lunch.

That’s when I had “the freak out” about the surgery. I knew it was coming, I know myself well enough to expect it, I just didn’t know when. I basically was ready to call the whole thing off. Pretty much felt like I no longer wanted to do the surgery, just wanted things to stay as they are and not deal with it.

I know this won’t help, I’ve run out of options and surgery should do me some good. It helped that right after my little freak out that my leg/foot started hurting. The surgery is coming, on the 29th, and I just have to do what I can between now and then to get ready. I just need to do it, get it over with, and start the recovery process.

Plus, I still have Trail Trek to look forward to on Sunday!