Just a quick wrap up from my surgery today. I am posting from my hospital bed while a little drugged up so keep that in mind.

I got up this morning at 3:30AM and checked in at the hospital at 5:00AM.

It took four tries to finally get my IV in which wasn’t fun. Then at 6:15ish I was moved to the pre-op area where they did a nerve block and other various prep things. The nerve block was a bit painful but I lived. They did sedate me ahead of time so that helped.

Then I was wheeled into the OR and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. Then they let me know the big change, the doctor decided I needed to stay overnight. The nurse guessed it was for pain management but I still don’t know for sure what made him decide that.

So I am an overnight guest of the hospital tonight and am on a liquid foods diet which I pretty much have not eaten. I’ve had apple juice, two club crackers, little cup of vanilla ice cream and a little cup of orange sherbet.

They have me taking vicodin and morphine and I have yet to get much in the way of sleep. It’s really too noisy here.

Sounds like I’ll probably go home tomorrow after the doctor sees me and has his say. The splint on my foot is huge too and I learned I prefer the crutches to the walker.