Things went pretty well today and I made almost a whole day at work. I’m slowly transitioning around on the crutches but I’m just not sure how to know what things should feel like. I can vary from totally non-weight bearing to a few steps around without crutches so it’s confusing. My heel feels really weird still and it starts to hurt if I walk on it too much – similar to before surgery, so that scares me a little.

Yesterday did not go very well and I think it was due to the medication. I even called the nurse and she’s having me cut back to taking half a pill at a time. I basically slept all day and didn’t feel like I could even get out of bed. I didn’t even have lunch and it was the first time I had feelings like maybe I couldn’t take care of myself. Things were better by evening once the medication had moved out of my system.

So it still hurts to walk but I can tell my calf muscles and such are healing up because now at least I have support and can actually put some weight on it without it buckling. This is progress so I’m taking it. I just have to wait out the pain I suppose at this point. I’m going to do whatever I can to heal but sometimes I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing. I’m so ready to get to August 9th so I can move into the next stage of healing.

About the only thing I really post about these days is post surgery because not much else is going on. The biggest issue I’m having now is eating healthy. I know how to eat healthy and for the most part I’m doing fine but I snack a lot more than normal. I think it’s coming from boredom with sitting around and not doing anything else. I’m not getting the high I was getting from exercise so my mind is trying to recreate that with food, possibly. Recognizing the issue is great because it means I can work on it and I have all the time in my life to do it.

I also haven’t weighed in for weeks for obvious reasons. I’m a bit worried about how much weight I’ve gained but whatever it ends up being, I’ll have to live with it.