It has been close to 7 weeks since I had my surgery and I haven’t been doing to well about keeping this blog updated. Here’s what’s changed since I last posted.

6 Week Follow Up with Dr. Swanson

Last Monday morning I went in and saw the doctor for my 6 week follow up without any idea what my next steps would be treatment wise. I was still pretty reliant on the crutches and pain medications. The appointment started with a standing x-ray which required me to climb a few stairs, without my boot. That was probably to worst part because that hurt quite a bit. It didn’t help that their little stairs were wobbly too so I could hop up them like I’m used to doing with stairs. Everything was fine on the x-ray, thankfully.

Dr. Swanson came in and talked with me briefly, poked my foot a few times and that was about it. He said everything was looking really good and that it was time for me to start physical therapy. He said to keep using the crutches and boot and work with PT to get off the crutches and back into shoes. He said the best case scenario would be me coming back to see him in 6 weeks wearing both shoes.

Physical Therapy

After my appointment with Dr. Swanson, I called my physical therapy office (Proformance) and asked about setting up an appointment. It happened to work out that he (Matt) was able to see me that afternoon so I got started right away. He did a lot of measuring of my flexibility and strength and said the flexibility was pretty good considering everything. I can only do some pretty basic strengthening exercises because everything is still really weak and needs to be rebuilt. He has me doing a set of exercises at home a couple times a day and I’m doing my best to do them. I know that if I do them I will progress through quicker and hopefully get back on my exercise routine. Here’s a sampling of what I get to do:

  • Towel Scrunches – lay a towel on the floor and use my toes to pull it towards me in sets of ten, then I pull the towel side to side for additional sets of 10. This one isn’t too bad but it can get a little sore near the end
  • Ankle Alphabets – use my foot to spell out the alphabet, I do this one because it’s good for my ankle but I find it pretty boring
  • Ankle Pumps – he gave me a nice yellow theraband that I can use when I pull my ankle up and down to build some strength
  • Leg Lifts/Hip Abductions – laying on my side, lifting leg in the air. This is another one that I’m not a big fan of but I still do it.

The doctor wanted me going in 2-3 times a week so we decided on twice a week at this point, depending on how things go. I had my second session on Friday and even though we didn’t do a whole lot I was pretty sore Friday night. I also made the mistake of trying to get off my pain medication in part because it’s keeping me from being able to drive but also because the doped up feeling is getting a little old.

My goals at this point is to get off the crutches at least. I get tired of dragging them around but I know that that help and keep the pain down. I just miss being able to do things without even noticing, like shopping and such. I still can’t shop by myself so all my grocery and etc needs have to be coordinated. I went to a couple stores today and by the end I was pretty tired and my foot was getting sore, it made me a little sad.

I have been doing my crunches though and some wall push ups when my hands aren’t feeling too bad. One side effect of the crutches is bruising on my palms so the push ups aren’t easy to do but I’ve been trying out some workarounds like other people have suggested.

The other day I had a dream that I was riding my bike – it was the best dream ever.