Well I finally might one of my biking milestones today, I rode to Eagle, NE and back on the MoPac trail. We started at the 84th Street trailhead so the ride was around 20 miles round trip. As with any adventure it can’t all go perfectly but at least we get a fun story to retail later.

Late last night when I should have been sleeping already I was trying to cram my bike into my car so I could just drive to the trail head instead of riding there. I was complaining to Ross via text and he finally agreed to pick me up and just drag my bike over there on his trunk carrier. We were all supposed to meet at the trail head at 7:30 so of course thanks to both Ross being a little late and my inability to give correct directions, we were late. The group actually left with out us which was ok because we got caught up to them pretty quickly. Turns out one in the group had his tire puncture or something and they had to stop for a bit.

MoPac at 84th Street

MoPac Trail Head at 84th Street

Riding out actually went pretty well and it was a nice casual ride with a low pace since a lot of our group were beginner riders. The weather could have been better but it’s hard to complain because that also meant the trail was mostly unoccupied. It was in the 50s with a breeze and lost of mist and a few rain drops. We were wet but not getting soaked so it was ok. Last time Ross and I tried to ride to Eagle it was actually pouring rain and we had to call the ride off. I did not want to call off yet another ride.

A little after the 5 mile mark we stopped and regrouped. It was at this point that 4 of our group turned around and headed back to Lincoln and 3 of us (Nick, Ross and myself) headed on towards Eagle. The ride was nice because I was getting on trail I hadn’t ridden on before and I loved the feeling of accomplishment of rolling into Eagle and knowing I did it.

Welcome to Eagle, NE

Welcome to Eagle, NE!

Casey's in Eagle, NE

We stopped at Casey's, nice bathroom

So far my foot/legs have been holding up well to riding the bike so long as I remember to get on the bike from the left, which I’m not used to doing. The only really issues I had on this ride was just prior to riding over to Casey’s I stopped in front of the car repair place next door to put my phone away. That place has a steep driveway and it was wet so the bike slipped out towards my right foot and in order to stay standing and not drop my bike I had to put quick weight on to my left foot and it was not fun. It was a little sore for the ride back but nothing major.

Once we were done goofing around in Eagle, we rode back towards to Lincoln but did have to stop a few times to rest a little. Ended up stopping for a little in Walton because my ankle/foot were acting up and I just need to get off the bike for a minute or two. We made it back in pretty good time and Ross convinced me to just let him carry my bike home and I was tired enough that I agreed. We were planning to hit up NuVibe for smoothies but the universe had other ideas.

Bikes on Car Rack

They look so secure here....

Finally get the rack on how we think it should go, get the bikes on and bungee corded together and then pull out of the trail head parking lot. We got less than half a block before the bikes took a plunge and pulled the rack with them. I’m not sure how much they hit the street but Ross lost his brand new bike light and my chain came off. We ended up making an emergency stop in a random driveway off 84th Street, much to the amusement of the child at that house who watched us.

Chain Off Bike

Yep, that's not right at all...

Two bikes plus the rack adds up to a bit of weight when you are trying to get everything sorted out. I decided maybe it was better if I just took my bike and rode it and Ross could throw his bike in his car. Thankfully I know how to get the chain back on so that wasn’t a problem, the real problem was that I was tired and still 5 miles from home. Finally we decided to just go to Juice Stop which was maybe a mile or 2 away. It was then we noticed our friend Jennie had tweeted offering to come rescue us with the truck. We decided that was the best idea and had them meet us at Juice Stop.

Many thanks to Frank and Jennie for coming to the rescue and getting me and my bike home safe and sound! It was a pretty awesome day despite everything and at least no one got hurt!