I’ve come to the realization that when my friend Ross says he wants to do something adventurous and go exploring, he isn’t kidding. We decided to head out on a bike ride tonight to try out some new area we hadn’t biked before. Area without bike trails even. He had a trail mapped out and I just followed along.

I met Ross on Hwy 2 off Rock Island and we rode down to Densmore Park, down 14th Street to Pine Lake and back around to the South Pointe Trail. From there we took the South Pointe Trail to its end and rode through that neighborhood until we got to Yankee Hill Road.

From there we started out on Yankee Hill Road and quickly learned that it’s quite hilly and has no shoulder. The plan had been to get to 91st street and cut back over to trails and work our way back to Antelope Park. We did not make it to 91st Street, mainly because the street became a gravel road at 70th. We attempted the gravel but had to turn back and stick with pavement.

65th and Yankee Hill Road

Stopping to catch my breath...

View Down Yankee Hill Road

We did have a nice view though.

There’s one problem with 70th street, even though it’s paved out there it’s also curved, has no shoulder, is two lanes and has a speed limit of 55 mph. Ross almost got creamed by an oncoming truck that had passed into our lane just as we were about to turn on the road. 70th is also quite hilly and we made a few stops. Made it to Old Cheney and got back on a bike path. Road that until we could pick up Helen Boosalis to bring us back into town.

Sunset From the Trail

Awesome sunset from Helen Boosalis

I picked up Rock Island again at Hwy 2 and rode home as it was getting dark. I was pretty happy to get back into my neighborhood. It was a great ride overall but wow was there a lot of adventure.