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Rock Star Bracelet

I am calling this year, 2011, the year of the rockstar. I challenge you all to be your own rockstar and do all those things you know you should but sometimes don’t. Reach inside, find your inner awesome and create your own rockstar persona.

I’m starting new with a fresh outlook on things. I weighed in this morning, I’m tracking my food again and I have a couple of fitness plans ready and scheduled. I’ve been to the gym twice this week and I’ve worked out at home. I put all my workout plans on my calendar and stick to them like I would meetings or other appointments. This is a commitment I have made for my life and I’m sticking with it.

So with that in mind it’s time to announce that I am training to run a 5k, possibly at the end of March or early April, depending on which one we pick. I have a few friends joining in so that will keep me motivated.

I am also participating in the Live Healthy Nebraska challenge through work and am happy to have something to show my progress and a team to work with to stay motivated.  I’m feeling a lot better than I have in months so it’s time to get back to living the life I want.

The last few years I decided that I was no longer going to set New Year’s resolution because I feel like I should be working on my life goals all the time and not just at the start of January only to give up. The new year is a good time to reflect on things so I have nothing against other people using resolutions, if they work.

I haven’t been as active as I have wanted because of a few factors but I’m moving forward and doing my best. I’m working on getting slowly back into the habit of going for walks and adding activity to my week. I’m going to try to go to the gym with a friend twice a week and then do things at home in between that time.

I picked up an awesome book, Anatomy of Exercise, and I’ve been doing a lot of those workouts. This book is nice because it highlights what muscles are being worked, what muscles are supporting and also gives you advice on form and what to avoid. It’s been a good read so far.

I’ve also started tracking my workouts on DailyMile and I’m really enjoying the community oriented parts of the site. If you join up be sure to add me as a friend!


Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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