For various reasons I have not been focused on living my life to the fullest and I have slipped back a bit into my old habits. This is just something that happens and all I can do now is move forward.

In order to move forward I’ve decided to take things a little bit slower and make changes using a 2-week goal setting plan. The way this works is I set a goal I want to achieve in a two-week period and then add a new goal for the next two-week period. Most of these goals will be things that will stay ongoing even after the 2 week period is up. I plan to blog about my goals so I have more motivation to stick to them.

Also, I needed to come up with a reward to motivate myself to keep going – so, at this point, every time I meet a two-week goal period I’m going to buy a new pair of fancy socks.

Week 1-2: Oct 3-16
Goal: Work out at least 4x a week for at least 30 minutes (go to the gym whenever possible)
Plan: I have created appointments on my calendar to go to the gym after work on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I also kept Saturday mornings open so I could go out biking, walking or other activities. I decided to make the goal working out vs. going to the gym because I can still work out at home if I get a schedule crunch that leaves no time to get to the gym.