I’ve had many so called medical experts tell me that I shouldn’t try running because it’s to high impact. I understand where they are coming from but I have to do something to burn calories and low impact only works so well. I’m going to give running yet another try but I have a different plan this time. I’m not going to follow a C25k plan really, I’m going to start with walk/jogging. There are trails near my new apartment so I am going to work on milestone distances. My plan is to start out walking, jog until I can’t job any more, and then walk until I can jog again. I’m going to do this for specific distances until I find that I can jog more than walk. Once I’m ready, I’ll extend the distance and just keep going and not stop.

Intermixed with this will be bike riding, swimming, elliptical work, and weight training. I need to get active again, no mater what it takes.