I have not posted in awhile for many reasons and most of them are just excuses so I won’t bother you with them. I will say that I have gained back the weight that I lost and I’m owning that. All this means is that I have an opportunity to show others that you can make mistakes in your journey but you can fix the problems and still meet your goals. I am dedicating myself to blogging about my life long struggle with my weight. This journey is never easy and I’ve been down this road before, losing weight and gaining it back. I’m going to get back to the habits that make me the person I want to be in life.

I went to see the doctor this morning for a possible knee injury and the discussion went towards weight loss. I knew this was coming because I know I need to lose weight. I think regaining the weight has taken a bigger toll on my body that I anticipated. My blood pressure is elevated, my pulse is high, and I’m having fluid retention problems. This was not my regular doctor which is always a little awkward because he doesn’t know me as well but he still had a lot of good advice. He told me about how I should be eating seasonally, that is eating spring foods and avoiding foods high in surgar and starches. He said that when you eat sugar and starches your body thinks it’s preparing for winter and adds stored fat to all your cells. He said that simply by eating spring foods and letting yourself be a little hungry that the weight will fall off because the body will be forced to use the stored fat. I think there is no harm in trying this method and it actually makes sense to me. This is going to mean a complete re-evaluation of the foods I put in my body and realize that food is fuel and nothing more.

The first step for me is to clear out my kitchen of things that I no longer want to eat. I’m going to reduce my intake of sugar and starches and increase my intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, grass fed beef, and free-range poultry. I then need to implement a new fitness plan and stick to it. I’m going to start by going to water aerobics classes at the YMCA and walking more. The doctor thinks that with time doing this I can greatly reduce the pain and inflammation in my body.

The bonus part of me is that this gives me more things to write about in my blog. The new new me is ready to get started, anyone want to join me?