In the last couple days I have become focused on my plan for a healthy life and I started tracking again on LiveStrong. For me, I feel like if I track enough to see what’s going into my body I can better understand what I am eating and how it compares to my mood. I have started by cutting out sugar and plan to have starches follow soon. I decided that while I still have some foods on hand I do not want to eliminate everything. I am going to be mostly eating vegetables and proteins with fruit occasionally. Last night for dinner I had tuna on a big salad of mixed greens and spinach without dressing. While I was eating I started thinking that others might wonder how I can eat that way but then I realized it should be the other way around, how can anyone just eat junk all the time?

I am going to do my first weigh-in on Saturday and update my stats from that. I have a doctor’s recheck appointment in July and I hope to have made a good effort at losing weight. I’m really worried about my blood pressure level and I hope that goes down too. I am going to start doing water aerobics at the Y at least twice a week and once I’m feeling more in shape I’m going to start doing yoga. I’m nursing yet another knee injury, possibly torn cartilage, so I think water aerobics are my best bet. I also want to start working on the elliptical once I feel my knee is ready, which I’m hoping won’t take long.

Here’s to healthy living!