produce, meat, and eggs

Farmers’ Markets fit really well into my eating plan because I can get lots of fresh vegetables and locally raised meats and eggs. Lincoln has at least 3 farmers’ markets that I know of and there might be a fourth. There are also produce stands on street corners right now too. I like the Old Cheney Farmers’ Market because they are close to where I live and they have a system set up to let you purchase using a credit or debit card. They even take SNAP (formerly food stamps) which is a great local program. The system works by purchasing tokens from the information booth and then using them to purchase goods from vendors. The vendors then give change in cash and then get reimbursed for the tokens they turn in at the end of the day.

It was warm and humid out today but I walked around with Sandy, Ross and my parents (well they wandered off on their own) and found some good foods for the week. I can actually see getting most of what I need weekly at the farmers’ market so I’m going to try and make this a routine weekly errand. Today I got some nice local ground beef, pulled pork, eggs, baby bok choy, broccoli, lettuce, and dried bell peppers. I also splurged and got a mango tea, it was unsweetened tea with mango infused, and it was great because by that point I was getting really warm. I believe I spent about $32 so I was well within my budget. The only things I still need to get is some fruit and chicken, the only chicken I saw today was a full roaster and that wasn’t quite what I wanted.

I also need to make time to get down to the bigger Haymarket Farmers’ Market this season too. I have friends that go pretty much every week so that will be fun too. They have a lot of live entertainment and other things going on and it’s a Lincoln tradition.

How many of you buy most of your food at a farmers’ market?