Time to get my act into gear. Many changes have happened – I finished school, graduated, got a few jobs in health care but ended up losing my job. I have been unemployed since February and despite many applications and even some interviews I have yet to land an actual job offer. I had one that looked close, I even had two interviews, but they never called back after the second one even though it felt like it went really well. I have decided that it’s time to get back to my health. I’m going to start slowly with walking and swimming.

I plan to start going to a morning water pilates class at the Y and go for lunch time walks around my apartment complex to start. Then I need to work on really cleaning up my eating. I seem to have developed fructose malabsorption issues and I really should clean out a lot of fructose and sugar from my diet. I need to get my kitchen cleaned up and re-organized so I can cook easier in there, right now there’s not enough good counter space. I plan to move an extra tv stand I have into the kitchen to hold my microwave which will free up space. It will also give me more storage space for my crockpots and cookbooks.

I’m bringing the blog back because I need something to be accountable to and it worked before so I’m making it work for me now. I’m motivated by posts I see from Steve about his CrossFit workouts so I’m going to also try to create a bit of this for myself at home. I have some fitdecks that will help me pick out workouts to do as well as weights and such still.

So let’s do this! I need to get back to biking, hiking, and racing!