When I went to bed last night I was hungry which I guess I expected to happen but I was surprised that it actually kept me awake. I survived the night though and decided to celebrate by cooking a delicious breakfast. I went with two slices of bacon, coffee with almond milk, and paleo pancakes. I put the recipe below for the pancakes and they were tasty but it was more like banana flavored scrambled egg. I had a hard time flipping the cakes so they came out a little mushy. I might play around with adding some almond or coconut flour to see if that helps make them hold together better.

Easy Paleo Pancakes

  • 1 banana
  • 1 large egg

Mash banana in a bowl until fairly smooth. Add egg and stir with a fork until completely mixed.

Heat your choice of oil in a pan, I used olive oil, and drop batter into pan. Let pancake cook until brown on the bottom and flip. (This was nearly impossible for me without it breaking apart, don’t worry, it still tastes pretty good!)

I ate mine plain but they could easily be topped with berries. You can also add cinnamon and salt if you desire, I did not. No pictures on this one because it was not photographic.