Don’t worry – I haven’t abandoned the blog already! Things I’ve been doing lately:

– Working on Project Rockstar: getting the website into place and working on content generating

– Walking and Running: Went for a walk/run by myself on Sunday and it was absolutely terrible but I’ll do it again. I was tired and it hurt! Just going to take a bit of time to convince my body that this is doable. Also went and walked around Holmes Lake is a friend so that was cool.

– Gym: Working with the new trainer and he has me trying some new things. Did a workout with TRX stuff on Monday and I’ve never done that before. On the outside I showed confidence but in my head I was pretty sure I’d fall flat on my face or something. I didn’t so that’s a plus. Also did my longest run on the elliptical of 35 minutes and level 4.

– Pains: So after all that I did end up with a log of pain in my right ankle. It might be a shin splint? I wonder if it’s related to the fact that my left calf muscle is longer and looser than my right one thanks to surgery. I ended up just taking a rest day yesterday after I started limping around. I also had a mini pity party and took a nap on the couch. I’m working hard on staying positive but no one can do that 100% of the time!

– Life: I went out a couple times with my friend to go shopping. We hit the outlet mall in Gretna which is apparently my new favorite place to shop. I can’t wait to get down to sizes so I can wear all the cool clothes I see there. We also swung by my old trainer’s gym and surprised him so that was cool too. I’m really working on being more social and doing things instead of just sleeping in and complaining.

– School: It’s about the same, read, write stuff, post stuff, repeat. We have a group project due in a couple weeks so we’ve been working on our presentation and paper. Our topic is on multitasking and being a student, about how that’s not always the best approach to doing things. Should be interested and I lucked into a really good group.

So what have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments!