As in life, things change and you can’t always control that. Did I lose a bit of weight and have a good time back in the day? Sure.

But newsflash – I gained the weight back and some. I got up to 475 lbs. That was the number that really shocked me back to reality at my doctor’s appointment this year (Feb 2019).

So I’m back at this fitness and weight loss game and so far so good. I’m now down about 62 Lbs. I have another follow up appointment on August 8th.

One big difference this year is that my numbers were not good health wise. I currently take a blood pressure lowering medication and that wasn’t needed previously. I was also showing signs of borderline diabetic. My second follow up showed numbers had improved but still borderline for both high blood pressure and diabetes.

This is scary and I know I have to change.

Current plan:

  • Following a keto-esq diet, keeping my carbs under 20 net carbs a day but otherwise not tracking
  • Intermittent Fasting – I try to only eat two meals a day with no snacks
  • Light exercise – I’ve started swimming three times a week and doing some light resistance work at home

I also want to revive my YouTube channel and get back to making videos about my weight loss journey but also my random adventures.

I also want to post more to this blog and post more about my journey to my Instagram.