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I took a little time this morning to relax and play some Guitar Hero: World Tour and it got me thinking about how this game can reflect things about life itself.

How Guitar Hero is Like Life

  • You can only play the notes you are given at the time they arrive.
    Much like life, you can only deal with the things that are directly in front of you at the time they are there. Sure, you can plan for the future but it’s only through your actions at the moment. If you spend too much time worrying about what’s coming, or worse, what’s already past, you can’t stay with the moment. If you miss a note in Guitar Hero, it’s gone, don’t let it through you off hitting the next one!
  • Perfect is nice, but you don’t need it to still rock.
    Perfect is such an odd term and if you try to constantly achieve perfection without enjoying “good enough” then you won’t ever enjoy anything. So you didn’t hit all the notes, you still got through to the end and rocked. Have more fun enjoying the actions than worrying about the outcomes!
  • Bring in the band!
    Sure, you can play Guitar Hero by yourself and it’s still fun but add in some extra band members (friends/family) and it becomes something more amazing. Make time to connect with the people around you and be interested in what they have to offer. Friends and family are there to keep you sane, support you when you are done, joke around when you are bored and otherwise make life worth living.

On the grander scale, this one was pretty minor, but I felt like blogging about it anyway. So I was working on making my lunch for tomorrow and thought “wow, this is the last time I’m going to do this for awhile,” and at first I was happy about that. Frankly, sometimes packing a lunch every night gets a little time consuming and I do enjoy the break from it. Then I started thinking about why I wouldn’t being packing my lunch.

That’s when I had “the freak out” about the surgery. I knew it was coming, I know myself well enough to expect it, I just didn’t know when. I basically was ready to call the whole thing off. Pretty much felt like I no longer wanted to do the surgery, just wanted things to stay as they are and not deal with it.

I know this won’t help, I’ve run out of options and surgery should do me some good. It helped that right after my little freak out that my leg/foot started hurting. The surgery is coming, on the 29th, and I just have to do what I can between now and then to get ready. I just need to do it, get it over with, and start the recovery process.

Plus, I still have Trail Trek to look forward to on Sunday!

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