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I’m usually very positive and try to stay that way about most things but for some reason I just hate weighing myself. It seems like it never equals up to my expectations and then I’m just mad about it. This week I weighed in and lost 1.4 lbs but instead of focusing on that being a good thing I just let it upset me because I felt like it should be more. It’s so much work – eating healthy, working out, watching everything – and to only see 1.4 lbs off it was just frustrating. I know I didn’t put the weight on overnight but I sure did put it on a lot faster than I am losing it.

I know overall I’m doing well, making gains at the gym, able to work out a lot longer now, lifting heavier things for more reps, that kind of thing. It’s just sometimes I miss not being worn out all the time and not getting to eat whatever I want. It won’t do any good to give in now because that won’t help anything.

I will do my best to stay positive most of the time and talk myself back up as needed but sometimes you just want a little time to be grumpy. Also I’m crazy craving McDonald’s which is odd and worrisome. I only ever crave it when I’m getting sick but I don’t think it’s that – at least I really hope it’s not that. The other part is that even if I did have McDonald’s it won’t live up to my expectations and I’ll be disappointed and sorry to have wasted the calories.

I did my weigh in this morning and I’m down another 9.9 lbs which is awesome. Just have to keep going!

I’ve decided that since I’m doing so well with my new eating plan that I would finally start weighing in at home. I’m not sure how my home scale compares to the doctor’s office but I’ve lost about 18 pounds so far just by changing the way I eat. So this will be my official weigh-in for the re-birth of the blog.

Today’s weight: 372.1 lbs

(Standard disclaimer: I’ve only been doing weekly weigh ins since I started the blog, about 8 weeks ago. I’ve been rocking this new lifestyle change since April of 2009.)

This was a good week for most purposes even if I was somewhat moody for a lot of it. I’m just really busy right now between work and all the preparations for surgery. Most of that is behind me now so I can just focus on a few things and let the rest just happen.

I was going to do an abs workout on Daily Burn but it was a bit more than I was looking for so I’m doing the Beginner Bodyweight one again until I have to take my post surgery break. I’m thinking about building my own little routine soon and following that.

So it’s numbers time! This week saw a loss of 3.4 lbs. Woo!

Week 8 Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 248.1
Weekly Change: – 3.4 lbs
Total Change: – 14.7 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 69.64 miles
Total Cardio Time: 254.47 minutes
Total Weight Lifted: 3780 lbs

So I am now below the 250 mark, which is still amazing to me. For the longest time I would think of 250 as this ultimate goal. This far off place where I knew I was going to make it. I always figured if I could get to 250 then I could do anything. Originally I had planned to wait until 250 to start biking but I’m so glad I decided not to wait. Nothing magical happened when I hit 250 though, but in my mind, it was one huge milestone.

I am again pleased, overall, with how this week went. I’m working on making more changes in my thinking and trying to really move into the mindset that this is who I am now. I am the person that eats healthy foods, that gets exercise, that rides a bike to work, and that does the things I always though I’d never be able to do.

Stats time! Another week – another loss: 2.1 lbs, woo!

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 251.5 lbs
Weekly Change: – 2.1 lbs
Total Change: – 11.3 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 53.5 miles
Total Cardio Time: 149.45 minutes
Total Weight Lifted: 5580 lbs

I didn’t get in any big bike rides this week but I needed to take a few rest days and I’ve been busy with other things so it’s harder to find the time. I’m trying to get everything ready for post surgery, hanging out with friends more, going to more events and working more hours lately.

Speaking of work, I’ve been really getting some calorie burn in at work recently too. I’m working on installing and upgrading computers and it involves moving computers, hauling computers, crawling under desks and general other manual labor type tasks. I have found that this year, unlike the last 6, I’m not worn out by the end of the day. I don’t think twice about crawling under a desk or fitting between desks, etc. That’s been pretty nice so far, makes all this hard work actually seem worth it.

(Note: the following data only covers the time since the beginning of the blog, to see my full stats, check the Vital Stats on the left hand side of the page.)

Well this last week went really really well and I can’t wait to share this number with you all. I have noticed that my weight loss goes in spurts and this week I finally broke through my plateau, the one I’ve been hovering around since mid-February. I was having the hardest time breaking through the 260 weight point and this last week I finally did it, and then some.  So here is this week’s data:

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 253.6 lbs
Weekly Change: – 7.3 lbs
Total Change: – 9.2 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 73.35 miles
Total Cardio Time: 260.23 minutes

This is certainly a big loss and lot higher than the recommended 1-2 lbs a week so I have to watch myself. I’m going with this week being an adjustment week to compensate for the gains from earlier. I feel like my loss is back on track to where it was when I started over a year ago.

Things I did differently this week:

  • Started doing some workouts in the morning before work
  • Added protein smoothies to my breakfast and upped my overall protein levels
  • Greatly reduced the amount of bread in my meals
  • Set 9:00 PM as a cut off point for eating

Also, for the fun of it, I pulled out my original scale and weighed in just to see how it compared. I used this scale for all of last year and part of this year before switching over to a Withings scale that I won from a contest on Daily Burn. According to the original scale:

Starting Weight: 381.3
Current Weight: 252
Total Loss: 129.3 lbs

Time is really flying by! I can’t believe I’ve been posting to this blog for 5 weeks – amazing. Now on to the stats run down, another loss for this week. Yay!

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 260.9 lbs
Weekly Change: – 2.1 lbs
Total Change: – 1.9 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 93.19 miles
Total Cardio Time: 394.2 minutes
Total Weight Lifted: 1140 lbs

Well it looks like we made it a month, right? It’s been a bumpy one but I think I’m hitting my groove again. Yesterday was a bit off nutrition wise but it was only one day and life moves on, sometimes faster than we want!

The week in numbers:

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 263.0 lbs
Weekly Change: – 4 lbs
Total Change: + 0.36 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 78.74 miles
Total Cardio Time: 266.13 minutes

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Getting back on track and totally taking names along the way. Woo!

Finally we get to see a loss! I know that as long as I stick with this, eventually I’ll achieve what I want to achieve. There is no giving up on life and since this is a lifestyle change you can never go “off plan” or “off the wagon” or etc. So here’s the stats:

weight chart

Today’s Weight: 267.0 lbs
Weekly Change: – 1.1 lbs
Total Change: + 4.36 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 80.44 miles
Total Cardio Time: 344.2 minutes

Yep – gained again but I know why, I stopped paying attention to what I was doing. Yesterday, without power, I ended up eating out for meals and making poor choices. Also, we had a nice food day at work and I couldn’t resist all the yummy treats. I’ll consider yesterday an off day and go on from there.

Weight Chart

Today’s Weight: 268.1 lbs
Weekly Change: +3.7 lbs
Total Change: + 5.46 lbs

Total Distance Traveled (biking and walking): 46.02 miles
Total Cardio Time: 186.83 minutes

Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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