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He only gave me two hours to finish the exam which was normally plenty of time but he never took into account that there could be a T-rex attack. I tried to reason with him about the possibility but he just told me to sit down and stop bothering the class. He has no idea about the potential for T-rex attacks and won’t he look stupid when one saunters into the room and eats the first row of students.

I think about T-rex attacks a lot because it seems like something that no one else is even worried about. Sometimes I talk to Frank about it but he just rolls his eyes and tells me to shut up about the dinosaurs already. It’s like he’s completely forgotten about our trip to the Natural Science Museum in February where we saw the T-rex bones on display. I told him then and I’ll tell him now, our nation is not prepared for a T-rex attack.

I tried writing letters to some scientists and the university but I never heard back. You would think they would be some kind of alert or warning system in place for pending T-rex attacks, I mean we have warnings about tornadoes and tsunamis. I just know the president is going to look really ashamed when half of Colorado is eaten. I wrote him a letter as well but all I got back was a form letter thanking me for contacting him. He doesn’t take the threat seriously either.

People keep telling me I need to stop watching movies but it’s like they don’t understand me at all. Jurassic Park is more than just entertainment, it’s clearly a warning to us all about the upcoming disaster. Why are people not paying more attention to this? Why am I the only one that cares about pending T-rex attacks?

Did you know they won’t even keep T-rex’s in zoos because of the danger? I mean have you ever seen one being held in a cage? No. They roam quietly around in the wild just waiting to reclaim the world as their own. Well I’m getting prepared and people won’t laugh at me when I’m the only one that can save them from being eaten.

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