Listed here are all the people or things in my life that have helped me on my journey. These are in no particular order.

  • Dr. Justin Harris at Nebraska Orthopeadic and Sports Medicine – he may not know this, but, he’s the one that really challenged me to get my act together and lose weight. I went to him with a torn medial meniscus (in my left knee) and he told me that I needed to lose weight, and he was right. For some reason this really sparked me to get going on this journey and really made me re-evaluate who I was as a person. I did see him again for knee surgery a year later and he is still quite supportive and encouraging of my weight loss efforts.
  • Matt Bornschlegl and the rest of the staff at Proformance Physical Therapy. The one thing, above all else, that I learned during my time in physical therapy is that I can in fact do things. I can improve my fitness levels and I can heal. Everyone at Proformance is awesome and Matt really helped me stay focused even when things seemed impossible. Everyone should have an awesome physical therapist on their team!
  • The Bros at work – our little team, aka The Shop. (Tom, Steve and John) I told the guys what I was trying to do and why and they all joined in and were quite supportive. They are the ones that got me going for walks at work and have been there for me with all the injuries and such. They also make sure to keep my ego in check, lol.
  • My Awesome Supervisor (Dwight) – he’s the one that really helped open my eyes to getting my health in check and to really change my ways. Through his experiences I saw my future and I knew I needed to change. He was one of the main reason we all started walking at work – we wanted him well and safe. He’s also been very supportive of me and that helps a lot.
  • Twitter Family – it’s great to find all kinds of people on twitter that are super supportive of each other, many of them local that have now become friends of mine. It’s just nice to have them there for advice and support.
  • Lincoln Parks and Recreation for maintaining some of the nicest parks and trails that have allowed me to get out there and get healthy. I did a lot of my walks at the nearby Woods Park but also enjoy a the nice trail around Holmes Lake. The bike trails are also great, just see Great Plains Trail Network for more information on that.
  • My George Foreman Grill – I traded an old iPod shuffle for this thing and I love it. Makes preparing grilled chicken and turkey burgers a breeze. Lately I’ve even used it for boneless pork and the occasional steak!
  • My Parents – not only for their support but also for getting out and walking with me on weekends and going along with the wild trip to go hiking in Arkansas last October.
  • Daily Burnit’s more than just the tools available but also the people that create a nice support system. The challenges are nice too and help me to stay motivated. More recently, working with Kate Brown has been quite helpful in getting me into a new fitness routine and on a proper eating plan. I’ve seen people come and go on DB so I try not to get too attached to any one individual but for those that are there day after day, thank you!
  • High Quality Socks – I know I did a whole post about socks, can’t help it, I just love really nice socks
  • Other things and people I haven’t listed yet.