I have been pushing my body to it’s limits in this whole process and along the way, well, some times I get hurt.

  1. Torn medial meniscus in my left knee. This happened in April of 2009 when I had just started working out again. I was doing an exercise video that I hadn’t done before and I was really big and really out of shape. There were a lot of twist moves and on one of them I had a lot of pain in my knee. I tried to keep going but finally had to stop.
    After a few days the knee started locking up so I finally went in to see my doctor. He ordered an MRI and then sent me to see my first orthopaedic surgeon. This is when life got real for me and what sparked the biggest change in me. Initial treatment was a cortisone shot and a summer of physical therapy.
    This helped until earlier this year when I took a fall thanks to a fever. I made an appointment, went back to see the same orthopaedic surgeon (Dr. Harris, he’s awesome) and on April 12, 2010 I had a knee arthroscopy and a partial meniscectomy.
  2. After the knee, I really started working on a walking program. I was walking further and further each weekend as well as working out using a borrowed Wii Fit. My feet started hurting more and more but I figured it was just normal. Eventually my right foot was so painful on the outside that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t lay it down sideways without shooting pain. I went back to my doctor and that’s when the fun began.
    He did an X-ray and it turned out I had broken my 5th metatarsal and he had me wear a post-op shoe and back to physical therapy I went. I wore through that post-op shoe in a week and it was killing my foot. I went in to see the PA and she gave me a walking boot. I wore that for a few more weeks but things weren’t progressing well so my doctor sent me to yet another orthopeadic surgeon.
    I was moved into a third walking boot and told to give it time. During this time was when the next injury started but I want it on its own. Eventually my right foot did get better and seems fine now. I was in the boot a bit longer than I would have liked and it created the problems I’m still having now.
  3. Calf strains came during the broken foot problem. For reason I’m not sure, probably from the walking boot itself, my calf muscles would spasm and cramp up. There were different points in time where the muscles would contract and not let go. It was painful, and no one seemed to know what to do about it. I kept going back to my doctors, I had 3 separate ultrasounds (one at the emergency room)  and it pretty much ruined my holidays in 2009. This was finally mostly resolved thanks to physical therapy and some very aggressive deep/sports massage for close to 6 months. It was not an experience I would want to live again.
  4. Plantar fasciitis, partly from me having no arch and partly from the calf problems, set in on both feet but with time and some additional physical therapy the right foot got better. The left foot just didn’t seem to be responding. So the first foot doctor decided to do a cortisone shot and I had such good luck with the one in my knee I was all for it. Let’s not mince words – a cortisone shot in your heel hurts like hell despite what they do to numb it ahead of time.
    Following the cortisone shot the foot got way worse. After calling multiple times I finally got in to see the foot doctor and he ordered an MRI. The MRI showed a large spur but also a lot of swelling. The foot hasn’t been the same since then. I even went to a second physical therapy place to try some additional options.
    At that point I was frustrated with the first foot doctor and decided to get a second opinion – I ended up seeing Dr. Swanson and I am now scheduled to have surgery on June 29th. He will be doing a partial release of the plantar, removing the bone spur, releasing the baxtars nerve and doing a gastroc slide. I really hope this helps because I miss long distance walking.