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The last couple days I was actually able to leave the house but I’m pretty sure I overdid it yesterday. We went to Hy-Vee to get groceries and I ended up having to leave before we were finished and go sit/lay down in the car. I know it’s only been a week since surgery and I think my expectations on how quickly I’d be back to normal activity were set too high.

Today we went out and got ice cream and drove around a local park around sunset. This wasn’t so bad because I never had to get out of the car. It was nice to go see some of the animals at the park and otherwise not be in the house. Today was also my first day since surgery that I was on my own for part of the day. I had to make my own breakfast which ended up being a lot of work. It’s really hard to transport things when on crutches but I managed by using various counters to leap frog things to the table.

The leg/foot itself is probably healing but it’s hard to tell. There is still some amount of pain and I’m still taking the pain meds the doctor gave me. My discharge orders are to keep taking them until he tells me otherwise so I’m going to do that. What I can do is lengthen the amount of time between doses so I’m working out a plan. It seems the pain was better for a day or two but has now changed and seems to get worse. The leg is pretty stiff and sore from lack of use already and I can really feel it if I go from laying down for awhile to standing up.

I’m not sure what the long term plan is other than going to the doctor on the 12th and seeing if I can move into the walking boot. Once I’m in the walking boot, I’m not sure how long it will be before I can be full weight bearing. Even partial weight bearing would be helpful at this point, just to take a little pressure of my right leg.

I’m hitting the point now where I’m frustrated with being cooped up and unable to do the things I enjoy. The splint itself has been bothering me more lately just because I can’t take it off. It’s like always wearing a big wool boot all the time and it can get a bit warm. Plus, I can’t check to see how the sutures are healing so it’s all a big mystery. I’m supposed to be watching for signs of infection but that’s not really something I can do since I can’t see them. I suppose if I get a bad fever or something, that would be a sign. And one last note – itching – I knew it was going to happen but man, it’s worse than the pain!

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