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Today the weather was beautiful and it seems like we are working our way into summer already. It was warm, humid and really windy. I was meeting a friend this afternoon for lunch and a movie and I picked Don and Millie’s which is a 50s/60s burger and shake place. I have been craving a burger from there for a long, long time now – like over a year, so I decided that I would get one if I got up early and went for a bike ride beforehand.

I did not wake up as early as I wanted and then ended up chatting with my landlord about the bike and other things before I was able to leave. The good part though, is I did end up getting in an hour long ride even if I didn’t get as far as I had mapped out. Biking out into the wind was a chore and I learned a lot about just how much dirt and small rocks wind can move. Watching a debris cloud coming your way and being helpless is an interesting experience.

I ended up taking old trusty Rock Island trail and just after I came up the “death upramp” off 27th and Capital Parkway I found out the trail was closed around the zoo. They apparently had an event that morning and were using the trail all the way around so my only option was to turn around and go back. I took the by pass route and picked Rock Island back up on the other side of A street. Thankfully the trail was open for the trip home.

Trail Marker and Bike

I rode Rock Island out until it met up with the Helen Boosalis trail and rode that to almost 40th before turning around and heading back home. I wanted to make it out past 56th to the end of the trail but I just didn’t have enough time. The ride back went a lot smoother and I was able to get some nice speed going. The best part of the ride was passing the guy in full bike racing gear on his nice racing bike. He had passed me earlier when I was going pretty slow but then I caught some speed and just went for it. That was awesome!

On the ride home, the worst problem I had was coming around from Rock Island to Billy Wolff, I hit a patched asphalt spot and the handlebar jarred into my thumb/wrist and that was pretty painful. Pain shot up to my elbow and I ended up riding mostly one handed until I got home. Doing the old advil/ice, etc and hoping it gets better – I had already cracked this wrist on the brake pull about two weeks ago and it was still sore from that.

After I got back from the ride, cleaned up and picked up my friend Susan, I got my Don and Millie’s fix. I went with a cheeseburger topped with only tomatoes and lettuce. I’ve all but given up on condiments – too much sugar in most and I’m not a fan of mustard. I also paired this with a chocolate shake because the make a really great shake. Since I go there maybe once a year or less, I’m not too worried about it.

Don and Millie's Lunch

We were supposed to go see a movie but got the starting time wrong and ended up missing it at two different locations. Ended up going to Scheels instead where I got this awesome Life is Good shirt:

Life is Good Bike Shirt

After Scheels we got our Starbucks fix (*innocent whistle*) and then hit Joyride Bikes so my friend could show me the bike she was getting and so I could look around and stuff. I ended up picking up a nice pair of cycling gloves with added padding that I hope will help with my wrist jarring problem. Susan told me I had to get them in pink so that’s what they are. I also tried on some cycling shoes and I loved them, most supportive shoes I’ve had on in a long time, so I may have to get a pair.

I also test rode a Specialized Ariel (green and black) and it was really nice. I haven’t ridden a bike with front tire suspension before so that was a little odd. My friend’s husband ended up coming and they bought Globe Caramels, very nice bikes. I can’t wait to get out and go riding with them some time.

Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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