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Apparently I forgot to post last week’s push up results so I’m posting the last two weeks at once. How is time moving this quickly?

Push Up Chart

Week 3 wasn’t too bad but week 4 was really tough. I only finished that up this morning and actually ended up just doing day 2 a second time – at first by accident but then because I kept hitting my push up limit. I need to do another exhaustion test either tonight or tomorrow and I”ll decide where to go from there. I’m either going to do week 4 over or go back and do week 3 again – like taking a running start at getting through week 4 completely.

I have been doing the one hundred push up challenge for a couple weeks and originally I started doing wall push ups in part because of my knee but also because they were easier in generally. On Sunday I decided to see if I could do modified push ups and since I could do a few without pain, I re-did my intial test and started over. So this was week one and I was squarely in column one.

Today I achieved a max out of 12 and can’t wait to see how I do next week. I’m loving this plan and also can’t wait to move to full push-ups eventually. If you ever wanted to get in shape to do push ups, this is the program to do!

Now here’s a chart of my progress:

Push Up Chart Week 1

Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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