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On Monday, April 12th I had arthroscopic surgery done on my left knee with a partial meniscetomy of the medial meniscus. Basically the doctor went in and removed/smoothed up part of the cartilage within my knee in order to fix problems I was having – pain and some range of motion problems. Today I had my first follow-up visit and things are going great. The stitches are gone and I met his requirements of being able to straighten and bend my knee. I have been doing physical therapy and he said to continue that and to start returning to activities as long as it’s not painful.

I’m glad that I had the surgery, it seems to have improved my knee to the extent that I don’t think I’ll have to worry about it going forward. It seems to work better now, more like my right one. This makes me happy.

Vital Stats

Name: Angela
Height: 5’8″
SW (2019): 475 Lbs
CW: 410 Lbs

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