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So I have been using walking as my main form of exercise over the last year and I do still love it but the problem is my body does not. More specifically my feet and more specific to that, my left foot. I have developed pretty serious plantar fasciitis in my left foot that so far has not been responding to treatment. Doing physical therapy, tried night splints, tried a cortisone injection (which went horribly bad) and I’ve been stretching and stretching like no tomorrow. The options are running low with surgery next on the docket. So in order to continue getting some fitness in and save my poor foot, I decided it was time to get a decent bike.

I’ve been trolling Craigslist for a long time now just waiting for the right bike to pop-up and this morning it looked golden. For sale, one bright blue Electra Townie for only $150! This was like my dream bike and a steal at that price, they retail for close to $400 new. So I emailed and she promised to not sell it until I had a chance to look at it. So I even went to the bank and pulled out cash – I was so excited all morning. I was picking out accessories and everything. At the same time I also had sent an email about a nice looking older Schwinn that was listed for $100. So at the end of the day, here’s my new bike:

Women's Schwinn Mesa Runner

My Schwinn Mesa Runner

Yep, I ended up buying the Schwinn and getting it for $80. See, the woman that said she would hold the Electra? Yea, she apparently got so many offers that she didn’t want to wait to sell it. So despite the fact that she told me she would hold it, she didn’t. This is pretty common on Craigslist but it’s still really tacky. In the end it was probably for the best. Before looking at the Schwinn I did go look at a lovely Trek that someone else had for sale. It was a really nice bike but the minute I got on this Schwinn I was sold.

It has a higher seat and feels so nice to ride. The wheels had been replaced and were basically brand new and the components worked well. It shifts very smoothly and overall the little I’ve ridden it so far has been wonderful. It’s also very lightweight so I am able to lift it up and down my front steps and can really see riding this bike to work. I just need to get some more accessories for it – like maybe a basket and/or a rack for the back. I really do love this bike.

Sadly the weather right now is straight out of November so I’m not able to really get a good ride in. Soon though! I love having something new to tackle.

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