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What is it about numbers that create such milestones of accomplishment? If you really think about it, a number is just a number, but there’s something alluring about a round number that’s higher than any other number you achieved in the past. Today I hit two round numbers, I have now lost 120 lbs and I rode the bike for 20 miles.

The bike ride was supposed to be an easy ride, nothing to major and not too far. I was a bit worn out yesterday so I figured it would be safer to just ease back into things and not overdue it. Yea, apparently that’s not how my brain works. Once I over shot my goal for the day I decided to just go for it and hit my goal for the weekend. I’m working on getting ready for a 25 mile ride on June 27th, which will actually equal a bit over 30 once I add in travel distance to and from the event. See, I have no way to haul my bike by car so I have to bike there first and home again.

I rambled down my favorite Rock Island trail and debated heading over to Jamiaca North but I just didn’t feel like tackling the hill up Old Cheney for the trip home. I ended up at Densmore Park, where Rock Island ends, and then looping back towards home. Since I decided to go for my 20, I ran up Billy Wolff and back and then finished out with a second half loop up and down Rock Island and a very tired ride back home.

Break on Rock Island

Rock Island Trail - Overlooking Star City Shoes/HWY 2

Break on Billy Wolff Trail

Billy Wolff Trail at the Intersection of Normal Blvd and South Street

Intersection of Bill Wolff and Rock Island Trail

Shelter at the Intersection of the Billy Wolff and Rock Island Trails

During the last 4 or 5 miles I was really fighting to keep going. My whole body was starting to hurt and I was debating between keeping going and just dumping the bike and laying beside the trail in the grass, hoping no one ran me over. So the last part of the trip was a mix of internal pep talk, whining and arguing. Part of me convinced I was going to die and the other part that wanted that 20. I’m so glad the drive outweighed the whining.

So maybe there’s nothing extra magical about 20 miles vs say 22.3 or 19.1 or etc, but it still seems meaningful to me and motivation to keep going. Now let’s just hope when I wake up tomorrow morning that I don’t regret it.

Well “The Little Red Bike That Could” and I went out for a ride tonight. Headed north down Rock Island, met up with Ross and rode out to Jamaica North and back home again. After parting ways with Ross, I stopped at Wagner’s on my way home. I love running little side errands with my bike, makes me feel cool or something.

Bikes on a trail

On the Jamaica North Trail

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